Saturday, March 28, 2015

Left Behind

The time comes every once in a while.
While waiting, I compile all my file.
File of stories I found worthwhile.
Because the time only comes once in a while.

The time comes and I put on a smile.
"How is your life? It's been a while."
She told me, "Life is fine, not so vile."
"More mobile, and less labile."

She asked me back just like a good friend will.
I tried to grin and make my story a thrill.
But a caveman life is an exile.
It would be lie to say otherwise.

Feelings of unsure I wanted to pour
on someone who I know won't ignore.
But don't want to be an eyesore, someone she abhors.
Better keep the sore myself forevermore.

Day by day I feel further away
from the place she now stays.
A mile a day I walk the speedway.
Never mind winning the race; just want to finish it one day.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It Pisses Me Off

It pisses me off,
when I try so hard,
sweat so bad,
but the result is off.

It pisses me off,
when he comes after me,
struggles less than me,
but gets the payoff.

It pisses me off,
when I see him smile,
claiming her shrine.
That should be mine.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Living In Two Worlds

There is one, and only one earth,
And we all are the caretakers of it.
Yet, baby I tell you,
There are million worlds in this earth.

There is a world, dear miss,
where every person kisses
as often as a snake hisses.
Promiscuous, yet they claim it as bliss.

There is another world, my kid,
Where people don’t touch each other,
Not even when a touch can save a child and a mother.
Ignorance, yet they word it as purity.

I am the caretaker of the mother earth,
But I’d never felt to be a part of any of these worlds.
My little girl, when you grow up, chooses with you heart
Which world you want to devote your art.

My love, don’t be like me,
Stuck in the bridge of two worlds
And don’t have the guts to shout out loud,

Until your mother showed me how.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hey, where are you?
It is 10 o'clock already.
The sky is no longer blue.
Why you haven't come back, beauty?

Okay, I will wait.
After all,
waiting is my trait.
Just don't forget to call.

Remember dear,
my mind is unclear,
my night is a fear,
until you come back here.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Oh, I used to long for the flirting fire.
I still remember that quaint smile I admire.
Dear God...
How to connect those dots?
The dots to the realization
that all of those just emotion.
Neither fake or real,
just a mere thrill...