Thursday, May 10, 2018

One line reply

Anxious to say the word
Worried you won’t answered
Didn’t mean to make you alert
I just want to swap flirts

Looking good in red
Caption’s well said
Are you playing snow white?
I could play the white knight

One line reply
It’s not because we are shy
It’s just good things take time
Stealing moments isn’t a crime

Hate the formality
I prefer a cup of coffee
And maybe you prefer tea
I couldn’t guess so please tell me

Time is our biggest blunder
I propose we skip the procedures
I know a place for a quick dinner
I bet you would love my humor

One line reply
I am glad I did say Hi
Hey girl don’t deny
You’re very into this guy

Thursday, May 3, 2018

First Love

First love came with a chocolate box
I was still wearing a calf length socks
I started hearing the tick tock
Was it my heart or the clock?

First love needed a pen
She was definitely a ten
And I was her cameraman
And her number one fan

First love finally swipe right
She told me it’s alright
So I turned off the light
Teddy said good night

First love left wearing her high heels
Maybe because I can’t pay the bills
Nobody care to hear how I feel
Is this heaven’s will?

First love comes with a wrinkle face
People say it’s too late
But hey, I am down for another date
And she doesn’t mind my embrace

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Eyes on you

I’ll be blunt from the start
I’ve got no materials for this art
Because you didn’t do your part
Told me nothing about your heart

You probably say I don’t have too
But have you ever wonder
The stupid little things people do
Some are just for their own humor

Told you my latest favourite song
I knew you won’t listen, but I still told you
Because my passion needed to belong
And out of blue my intuition just chose you

Little do you know
How I want to know you since long ago
Did you like playing bumper cars?
How did you get that little scar?

Crazy is the world we live in
Crazy too is the mind within
Many places we’ve been
Here again, we have to begin

The brighter the light
The darker the shadow
I don’t have a photographer sight
But you look good on that photo <

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A glance

In the rooftop we met
Talked about kin and dreams
About love and regrets
I thought we made a good team

Hated what you reminded me
I guess I was blinded and couldnt see
Took time to forgive my own guilt
And youre kind enough to help me rebuilt

You told me he confessed
And youre willing to give it a shot
I felt a throbbing in my chest
What we had was over I thought

I confessed with a text
You rejected with a text
I decided to stop any interaction
But I gave up again to your attraction

Youd always have faith in me
Why you did, I didnt have a clue
I was bitter I couldnt reach your degree
But gratified, for a day to be close to you

I wasnt without anything
But I kept looking for something
Threw away what couldve been a godsend
For the sake of following the trend

Youre not my first love romance
I realized later love has no order
I stole a glance
And everything just fell into order

Friday, December 15, 2017


The night was romantic
I dare not to critic
Kill the switch
And I'd be bewitched

The music’s on
The drink’s a bit too strong
I thought I’ve moved on
But you keep proving me wrong

Shared the drink but not the straw
You looked so beautiful, I was in awe
Tell me all about it, let’s be candid
And I will tell you I love you in a bit

The night’s over too soon
I was left behind with the moon
It was one tough goodbye
I looked above and asked why

Life keeps going on
I am not sure for how much long
I thought I’ve moved on
But you keep proving me wrong