Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hey Love

So how is life?
I heard it’s been tough
Count to three maybe five
It won’t always be rough

I knew you since then
I don’t quite remember when is then
All I know you are my dearest friend
I hope it’s the same from your end

I remember I used to make you cry
I forgot how and why
I remember we used to chat and share
I forgot what and where

All the memories and tales
I don’t learn the details
I know you don’t too
Still, the feelings are tattooed

You walk straight to the wall
Most time you hit it and fall
Did you cry? Did you hate your life?
All I know you always survive

I want to build a family
Two kids and a wife
You want to build a house pretty
For people’s life

Hey love
Your dream is far above
Wear your sunglasses
Soon, you are gonna kick asses

I knew you since then
I don’t quite remember when is then
I am just glad that we met
Stay tuned, you and I aren’t finished yet

Love is not enough

Wrote dozens of letters
Trying to rewrite the past
Even if the letters can alter
You know too well it won’t last

Crying for four months
Out of your control
Lost in the labyrinth
Has love taken another toll?

We all crave for love
Loving and to be loved
One way or another
Whenever and wherever, it doesn’t matter

But love is not enough
If the time is wrong
It might be rough
But there’s no need to prolong

Love is not enough
If the place is not set yet
It will be tough
But let’s just regret and reset

Love is not enough
If Heaven doesn’t permit
Make a deal with the devil
And love still won’t prevail

Love is not a race
We all have different paces
Our fates have different faces
Maybe we should stop with the chase?

One day
When the time is right
When the place is set
And when Heaven above approves

Maybe then and there,
Love will finally be enough

Short and Sweet

It’s been a year, maybe more
Don’t you wish we met earlier?
If I were still sophomore
We could have more time to banter

I met you in the Nigh
Not going to lie
You weren’t in my mind
Now, it’s hard to say goodbye

Knowing you since before Toyota Corolla
Used to be unemployed, now a Donut mama
From just volunteering to MSA’s designer
If your life is a story, then you are a good author

Driving through the night
Going ninety, getting caught alright
Battling for parking with the aunty
Can’t ask for a better travel buddy

Saying that I am a confused child
Next thing you know, you are piled
By love and its kind, are you prepared?
You better beware, you better be aware


It’s hard to end this poem
There’s many more I wish to tell
Like how good you will be as a mum
Or like how you are fierce as hell

I hope my poem contents
I hope I’ve been a good friend
Just like what you’ve been till the end
I will cherish it, the time we’ve spent
This is it, our paths finally split
I will see you in a bit
Next time we meet,
It is going to be lit

It will be sweet

The ones who care

You care, I can tell
She has no friend
You pull her out of her hell
Asking no dividend

You care; I hear your tears
I don’t meddle with people’s love
But he does try; don’t need to cry
Everything will be just fine

You care, I can see
Who’s going to watch my laptop
When I am going to pee
If it’s not you with your flip-flop

It hurts I know
To care over and over
But we can’t change our ego
Can’t pretend they don’t matter

Act like we don’t want to know
Where they’ve been
And where they will go
It ain’t me; Let’s stop acting

The ones who care
Nobody asked us to
It is not fair
But what can we do?

We just have to
We just do

Friday, October 13, 2017


I scroll my phone
I don’t usually do this though
But I was bored to my bones
Then I found those old photos

They were taken in May
And now is the season where leaves fall
Four months long isn’t long
But the leaves, I no longer see them falling

I looked at those prepared smiles
Different background, different poses
Reminding me of the thousand miles
and the meaningless dramas

Some of us were broken
Some of us didn’t want to admit
Some of us were doing alright
Some of us tried to do what’s right

Now, you’ve been patched
They've paused lying
She keeps being alright
And I, I am still trying

When I see the photos
I know changes come close
I still wear the same clothes
But time flows; we all know

I looked at those prepared smiles
Different background, different poses
Reminding me of the time we shared for a while
That we promise to keep through the ages